How to use Accessit, the DBIS online catalogue for searching and reserving items found in the library

                     Image result for access it library

Image result for access it library

Why Do We Need accessit?

Students can search, renew, read/write reviews, reserve, book, create citations, check their own account for items currently on loan, items overdue, lending history, reviews, and more. 

Who can help me use it with the students?

The Library has set up the Accessit library system to include collections which relate directly to our DBIS curriculum.  Mrs Foti can show students and teachers and parents how to use Accessit during your library sessions.  

How do students search for books and resources?

Go to dbis accessit by clicking the image: Image result for book student clipart  

Username: student number

Password: student password (same as google/moodle login)

How do students get to accessit?

As with all library resources, students are directed to DBIS Moodle library space:Image result for dbis library

Students must then click on the accessit link:Generated button

For any additional help, please refer to this video on reserving a book through accessit:


Last modified: Wednesday, 31 January 2018, 8:04 AM