Britannica School

Britannica School Edition

Britannica School Edition

A terrific research site which DBIS pays an annual subscription for.  Suitable for Y1-Y13.

Click on the icon to take you to Britannica School.  There is also a direct link for children to get to it via Moodle: 

Children and staff can log on to specific articles once you have given them the link.  

For example, find out more about crocodiles by clicking on the image: Image result for crocodile images

You will have to use the username and password provided in the 'DBIS Online Resources Guide'.

Differentiated Learning

Many online products offer multiple levels for different ages, but often struggling readers are reluctant to move to a lower level because the interface and experience are designed for younger students. With Britannica School, content is available at all three reading levels and students can move quickly from one level to another without changing the look and feel of the site. Content and Interface work together to give the user an experience tailored to their needs. For example, if elementary students move to a level with more advanced content, their interface becomes more advanced as well; but middle and high school students stay in their more advanced interfaces, even if they choose level 1.


Britannica School is accessible at school, home or anywhere you have an internet...


You can also get the Britannica Schools app for free for iPads. 
Here is the link to the app for students:LINK
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