Parent Workshop 11th May 2017

Activity 1- Table Discussion

What are your biggest concerns about your child being online?

Please could one person at your table add your concerns to our Padlet:

Made with Padlet

A Very Interesting Infograph:

Please move to another table for this activity!

Activity 2 - Speed Friending

Put yourself in the mind of a Year 5 student. Which of the friends would you add on your social media account?

Activity 3 - Ban DHMO

Image result for 10 minutes

Would you support a ban on Dihydrogen Monoxide?

These 2 websites will help you to find all the information you need on this dangerous

substance, which is responsible for thousands of deaths every year:

Dihydrogen Monoxide -          Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide banner

Take a vote at your table. Do you think you have enough information to support a ban on the substance?

Click on the image below to vote now!

Do you struggle to get your children off their devices?


Sit back, relax and enjoy this short story which our students in Year 2-4 have really enjoyed this week:

Are devices getting in the way of meal times at home?

Have you thought of introducing Device Free Dinner times?

Talk to your child about making Device Free Dinners happen in your home.

This playlist of fun videos might help you to get the conversation started and get the whole family on board:

Find out More at Common Sense

Upcoming Initiatives:

The report an online issue button

Image result for help!

Helper Session.

We aim to extend the conversations beyond the dinner table and the classroom by offering a session for your helper to come and learn more about Digital Citizenship and how they can support you and us to keep your child safe online.

The date will be confirmed shortly.

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