Inclusion Apps and Online Tools

Inclusion Apps and online tools

Dyslexia Friendly Book recommendations online:
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Please refer to the CPD Moodle Apps and online tools page HERE.

The following links also provide extra tools which may support specific children:

Inclusion apps to support learners with Special Needs:

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Suggested apps to support children with dyslexia: Many of these apps have not yet been tested.

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Please can you let Katie Cornes or Angela Moriarty know if any of them have been successful so we can share good practice.

If you have any other apps/online tools, add them here.

ModMath - Type maths problems right onto the touch screen of an iPad, good for dysgraphia and dyslexia

Voice Dream Reader - With advanced text-to-speech and a highly configurable visual layout, it can be tailored to suit every reading style and level

Leo's Pad Enrichment - 25+ adaptive games and stories to develop critical thinking and socio-emotional growth 

Stop, Breathe & Think - Meditation tailored to your emotions

Dexteria Dots 2 - Makes practicing motor skills fun and educational

Dyslexia Toolbox - An assortment of tools to assist iPad use with dyslexia 

Dyslexia Quest Climb the mountain and play the yeti games. Each game will test memory and learning skills. The Yeti Master will explain signs of dyslexia

TechNotes Blog Give struggling readers an alternative at TechNotes

BeeLine Reader.  A useful extension for Google Chrome:  LINK HERE


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