About Heifer Intl's Read to Feed - video links

DBIS students are raising money to support the Heifer Foundation's work in poor areas of China. It's all about the reads so more reads = more sponsorship money!

Be sure to ask your mum, dad, brother, sister, auntie, uncle, friends and long lost cousins to sponsor you per read!

For more information ask your teacher, Mrs Foti or Mr Fender.

The Read to Feed 4 week challenge, starts....NOW!

Good luck!

Click the video links to find out more!

To learn about Heifer International:  and Image result for heifer international

How Heifer International's gifts of animals have changed children's lives  

How can a cow help? Image result for cow clipart

How can a chicken help? Image result for chicken clipart

How can a goat help? 

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