Battle of the Books 2017-18

The philosophy, or idea, behind Battle of the Books (BoB for short) is to get kids READING!

There is one reading list for PRIMARY (years 5 and 6) and one reading list for SECONDARY (years 7 and 8). Each list has 20 books on it.

DBIS usually enters both a Primary and Secondary team. Between them, students on each team will have read all 20 books on their list. (Most students have usually read more than 10 books each). Teams compete by answering questions about the books. 

Mrs Foti will lead Primary BoB this year while Mrs Basford will lead the Secondary BoB team.

While the competition is a great hook for students to participate in BoB, the ultimate emphasis is on reading a wonderful set of book you might not have considered reading.

Primary BoB books can be found near Mrs Foti's desk, on the book shelves outside the booth with purple seats. Secondary BoB books can be found in the Secondary Study Area (after XYZ authors).

More information about BoB can be found HERE.

Last modified: Sunday, 14 January 2018, 9:46 PM