Traditional Tales: Myths and Legends, and Fairy Tales


Read about a range of Myths and Legends, and Fairy Tales.  You can find out about their origins too.  You can read the stories with the text and you can just select 'text' so you can imagine the story.

Espresso (only accessible in school)

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Traditional Tales and Activities 

Russian Folk Tales 


Encyclopaedia Britannica also has some terrific articles for non-fiction Myths. 

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TIP: Choose your level of reading carefully using Level 1, 2 or 3.

If you need to, you can also listen to the text as it is read aloud.

Please ask Mrs Foti for the password card so you can log in to Encyclopaedia Britannica.


Listen to reviews of famous stories from people from all around the World.  You can listen to lots of different languages.

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